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Introducing Léonie Cowen & Associates

A niche practice which provides commissioning and procurement support, delivery of Teckal/LATCOs, including skilled procurement advice on social care (children and adults), leisure, culture, arts and other services, advice on the LGPS, extensive training, lecturing and much more.

With a national reputation, we support clients across England and Wales. Our practical approach offers legally sound, tax efficient, sustainable solutions which achieve high quality outcomes and significant savings.

Market leaders in our field, we have advised well over 300 local authorities, charities, voluntary organisations and provider trade associations throughout the England and Wales and provided training for many more, either working alone or with other specialist advisors.

Contact Details

Léonie Cowen & Associates
30 Kingswood Avenue
Queens Park, London NW6 6LR

t: 020 7604 5870
e: admin@lcowen.co.uk