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An excellent trainer, Léonie offers a wide range of courses and workshops to lawyers, commissioners and procurement specialists, accountants, other central support officers and service professionals (such as culture, leisure and social care). Her training combines extensive technical expertise with a practical and robust approach to day-to-day challenges, allowing you to benefit from specialist knowledge whilst also enjoying your training.

  • Training from our Existing Courses and Workshops: this includes commissioning and public procurement (for beginners or more advanced), the impact of Brexit on public procurement and State Aid, models for social enterprise and partnerships. The precise details vary from time-to-time. Existing courses and workshops are usually full days, although a shorter period may be possible.

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  • Bespoke Training: for your own requirements (whether you want a half day, single day or several training days). We can off specific sector training or more generic options in each instance on all aspects of commissioning and procurement including contract drafting, property issues for procurement lawyers, TUPE and LGPS.

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  • Social Care Commissioning and Procurement: one or more days of an in-authority seminar for a single or group of authorities. The practical implementation of “light touch” commissioning and procurement or more extensive training on partnership working and integration, practical drafting tips and analysis of recent case law is available.

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  • Culture and Leisure: the options for service delivery of all aspects of culture and leisure including arts and libraries and the respective the procurement options, LACTOs/Teckal Companies, variations and termination of your current arrangements, the property and pensions implications of each option. This can be offered as a joint course or workshop with a specialist leisure consultancy.

  • The Localism Act, Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and other recent legislation: the concepts, implications opportunities of recent legislation can be considered either as part of a wider course or as a topic on their own.

  • Training to One or Several Organisations: all training can be offered to a single or multi-organisation audience either in-house or at a convenient central location.

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